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The Seed of Life: Unpacking Your Story Idea


This worksheet helps you see all the potential that lies deep in your story idea. You’ll be inspired and motivated as you explore hidden characters, plotlines, themes, and your story’s market potential.


As a writer, you’re aware that story ideas can come from multiple sources. The key is discovering which one to explore, and turn into a finished product. Using this worksheet, you will unpack all the elements buried in the spark of an idea: Are the characters compelling? What effect will it have on your audience? What is the market potential? Diving deeper, what archetypes are emerging from this idea? What are the deeper themes you will write about?

You will generate hundreds of ideas using this worksheet! You will come back to this initial exploration time and time again as you continue to work on your story. Writing a novel, a screenplay, a video game, or a web series takes time. Sometimes along the way you lose your spark. You will return to this worksheet to remind you how very special your idea is and how it will always offer new characters, plot lines, and inspiration!


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