Rachel Funk Heller, author of the Writer's Coloring BookHi, I’m Rachel Funk Heller. I’m a writer just like you. I have stumbled through the process of having too many ideas and not knowing what to do with them, or where to start my draft. I’ve dealt with characters who won’t behave, of having too many subplots that don’t make sense, and wanting to throw my manuscript out the window and try again. I admit, I selfishly created the tools in “The Writer’s Coloring Book” so I could find my own way in the process. I wanted to “see” my characters and the world they lived in. None of the books I found had anything like that so I grabbed some pencils and a compass and created the initial worksheets that you will find in the book.

And I’ll confess, I’m a little bit of a neat freak and I also wanted to keep my ideas organized. I got frustrated because I’d scribble things down in a notebook, or make entries on my cell phone, then spend a bunch of time going through all those notes, filtering the good from the bad, and I wanted to streamline the process.

I’ve also put together some of the best writing advice that I’ve been given over the years by wonderful teachers. The tools here are just a beginning– adapt them in a way the best serves your needs and your unique writing style. Your story is important and your readers are waiting.

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