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I’m Rachel Funk Heller and I’m a writer and artist just like you.

Most people don’t describe writers as artists, but during my life I discovered writing is very similar to drawing and painting and it uses both sides of the brain: the logical side needed to tell a compelling story with a tight plot line and the expressive side that deals with symbols, images, and emotions. In my struggle to find the best way to tell my stories, I always reached for a sketchpad, to map out and “see” my story elements on paper. To know that all the elements fit and worked together.

I also developed worksheets to understand and map out my story elements to trick my ego. I’d tell myself, “I’m just filling out a worksheet. It’s not really writing,” And my inner critic would shut up and I accomplished a great deal. Now I am offering my worksheets along with tips, tricks, and hopefully sage advice to help you on your path to becoming a successful and well-published author.

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The Writer’s Coloring Book is a creative playground to explore your ideas that include planning and organizing tactics to bring your ideas to fruition. It’s the best world for both sides of your brain!