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PRE ORDER – The Eclipse Killer


“The stars don’t lie…”
A sense of unease hangs over San Francisco as a series of ghoulish murders shocks the city. With each body, eerily beautiful and meticulously staged, adorned with astrological symbols, homicide detectives Hunter Davis and Danny Vierra pursue a taunting killer.

Their only hope rests with Madeline Merritt, a gifted astrologer and owner of a metaphysical bookstore. She casts charts that suggest the killer’s unsettling motives but discovers a startling link to her shadowed past – intertwined with a sex Magik cult, which she barely escaped with her life and sanity intact.

With the stakes raised and the eclipse looming, Madeline must confront her deepest fears and reveal her darkest secrets. Madeline and Hunter establish a profound bond, finding solace in each other’s company and solutions to the killer’s enigmatic clues while skillfully navigating a high-profile murder investigation.

In this gripping tale of murder, revenge, astrology, and the occult, the atmosphere is thick with tension, and every shadow holds a hidden threat.